Operational Excellence, Safety Management and Unwavering support for our clients’ construction needs. Transvert Scaffold & Engineering Pte Ltd has been in the business of access provision in the form of scaffolding, material loading platforms, rope access engineering for the last twenty five years.

Access provision is a specialist trade. We get our clients where they need to, in order to carry out their works. No matter how high a building is, we will always have to be higher. Where no man can stand, we must erect a platform so that he can. It takes a special kind of man, a special kind of company, to do this job well.

Starting out in 1985, our Managing Director, Mr James Wan has been visionary in setting out the corporate direction of Transvert. He has realized that in order for a Specialist Subcontractor such as Transvert to be able to procure business, serve our clients, manage business administration, conduct scaffolding operations and provide seamless logistics, Transvert needs to be an organized and corporately accountable company.

Our core team of Scaffold Supervisors and erectors, lead by Mr Don Yeo, Chris Yeo and Alan Yeo built the strong tradition of scaffolding, and business excellence in Transvert. Leading by example, these Operations and Logistics Managers continue to provide leadership in the company’s strategic direction.

Today, Transvert is being led by the second generation of corporate leaders. Managing Director Jonathan Wan and Executive Director Jeffrey Wan provide the strategic and corporate leadership and the General Manager, Mr Tng Kian Chai manages the daily operations of the company.

Building on the foundation of their predecessors, Transvert is transforming into a company that integrates the many different disciplines of scaffolding and business operations with a common operating platform. An operational doctrine of Integrated Operations as well as creating a network centric workforce becomes one of the basic tenets of today’s Transvert. Harnessing the power of Information Technology, the Internet and mobile communications, operations and safety management becomes more a lot more manageable and resources become much more effectively utilized.

Safety Management is a never ending effort the company undertakes in order to safeguard the lives and well being of our workers, staff and users of our access systems. Scaffold and equipment inspections, frequent operational and safety training, a proper safety management system as well as on the ground leadership ensures that we do everything we can to protect our people.

Our people are our most precious assets. The finest Business philosophy and strategy, the most outstanding Operational system must be managed and run by people. We first see each and every one of our staff and workers as real people with real dreams and concerns. Working from this foundation, we try our best to create a career that is rewarding, meaningful and dignified. In doing so, we hope to create a company that knows it’s place in our industry, our society , our country and our world.