Project: Singapore Management University City Campus
Completion Date: June 2005

Before you can teach the new generation how to do business at Singapore Management University, Transvert was conducting its business there. With friendly rivalry with a competitor, we relentless pursued to woo our client to believing that we are the company to go with when it comes to thier project. That comes with plenty of hard work and innovation. Before Singapore's purpose built business school was built.

Project: ITE Collenge East
Completion Date:  September 2005

Lots of technical challenges for this project and as well we recall it, plenty of little dramas requiring a lot of innovation in our scaffold designs. Propped rolling towers, eight meter cantilevers, shoring resting on cantilevered I beams, Heavy materials loading platforms as well as big birdcage scaffolds... No wonder it was an Institure of Technical Education...
Project: Lasalle SIA College of Arts
Completion Date: May 2007

Our Scaffolds in this project conisted of a lot special designs to fulfill the artistic inclinations of this premium asrts school. We were one of many scaffold contractors doing work there. Like the artists eyeballing each other at MonteMarte in Paris, we were practicing our art within sight of other artists. Scaffolding is a work of the art where sometimes you got to decide if the traditionalist, with their formulaic approach to art is better suited to engineering, or will the Picassos of our industry make our scaffold only relevant to us!
Project : Nangyang Technological University
Completion Date: March 2008