Design, Erect, Maintain & Dismantle of Scaffold

From the tender stage, Transvert can provide specialist advice and knowledge to your external façade scaffold needs. We design, erect, maintain and dismantle the scaffold with safety, productivity and economy in mind. Balancing the requirements of all three factors is not a simple task.

Our materials are all the MOM approved types and the main components such as the frame system and it’s peripherals are bought from Japan. We do not use timber rollers or planks for our guardrails and you may be certain that our materials are well maintained and serviced.

During the scaffold erection phase, we provide you with skilled, experienced and responsible scaffold operations teams. They are trained and experienced in carrying out scaffolding and access operations around the clock, across various industries and catering to the special needs of many access requirements that you may face. You can be rest assured that you are placing your trust in professionals and not amateurs.

Throughout the maintenance phase, we provide scaffold inspections, facilitate the supervision of our Professional Engineer as well as modify thescaffold according to your ever necessary construction needs.

Dismantling of scaffolding will be done with special attention to safety of the public as well as care to your building finishes. We understand that at the end of the day, it will be your building that will be the showcase of your dreams.